XY Pinot blanc

XY is the white wine I obtain when there the Pinot blanc grapes were vinifying in the “untere Steigleiten” on a plot of 10.000 sqm. The breeding place is a simple bower and a bilateral guyot. The soil is principally argillaceous-porphyritic. On this surface I’m able to produce an average of about 6000-7000 kg of grapes (it depends on the year) with a sugar degree that varies between 19,5 and 20,5° Babo.

After the pressing I let naturally ferment the wine in small barrels of French durmast. The new wine will rest then, without being moved, on the yeasts for 20-22 months. After the bottling a further refinement period of about one year will follow before the wine will being put on sale.


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