XX Pinot Noir

XX is the red wine I obtain when there the Pinot noir grapes were vinifying in the “mittlere and obere Steigleiten” vineyard, on a surface of 7.000 sqm. The breeding place is a bilateral guyot and the soil is of a calcareous origin (yellow clay). On this surface I’m able to produce an average of about 3500-4500 kg of grapes (it depends on the year) with a sugar degree that varies between 20-21°  Babo.
The vinification process is classic, the grapes will be separated/cleaned and pressed (in variable percentages) and then fermented in small containers of 250-300 kg. The fermentation happens naturally (without the addiction of selected yeasts); throughout the alcoholic fermentation I make 3 mixing procedures a day, after that I leave the peels soaking for as long as possible. The choice of a long time soaking results for me to be a very delicate passage, because the least inattention can quickly rise up the volatile acidity and flattening all the bouquet of the wine. After the drawing off the new wine will rest a few weeks to be exalted and then it enters into the by now classic little barrels of French durmast in which it improves for a period of 20-22 months; after the bottling a further refinement period of about one year will follow, before the wine will being put on sale.


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