Team Dornach

Everyone who lives or works in Dornach breathes the beautiful energy of this special place. And there are many hands that every day make Dornach become even more beautiful as a place to work together, to be together and to eat and drink together. The most important hands of all are those of grandfather Josef, grandmother Traudi and grandmother Renate. Then there are Paolo Sandro Pettarin and Elena Messina to name. You have already met Karoline and Patrick here. And then all the trainees or seasonal helpers from all over the world who enrich the diversity in Dornach every year should be named. If you want to be updated on them too, follow us on Instagram!

Our wine terrace is open!!

Thursday & Friday

5pm - 9pm

Saturdays 10am - 9pm

And on demand, please book a "Stop&Shop" on our website for tastings and for buying our wines:



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