Dornach – of noble origins

1788: It is the year in which the emperor Joseph II of Habsburg-Lothringen lavishes to the brothers Franz and Johann Peter Gelmini from Sacco, near Rovereto, the noble title and the appellative “zu Kreuzhof”. The family coat of arms is still visible today on the front of the house and in a stylized way on our products: divided by the blue and the red, in the upper part you find a yellow St. Andrews cross, below a peacock who makes the wheel turned on the right in his original colour. On a crowned helmet you will find a red bird, on which –in the center-, another yellow St. Andrews cross is expanding.

In 1836 Anton von Gelmini zu Kreuzhof purchases Dornach. It will be his son Max, afterwards, to give the aspect which characterize the estate still today, with the single terraced vineyards parted by dry walls.

1577: The emperor Rudolf II of Habsburg lavishes Hans Karl Hausmann the noble headline.
1675: The emperor Leopold I of Habsburg lavishes Karl Franz Hausmann von Stetten the headline of “Baron”, with the addition of the appellative Hausmann von Stetten, Freiyherr zum Stein unter Lebenberg, Lanegg und Greifenegg. The coat of arms of the family: divided from the red and the silver with two overturned moons in opposing colors. The updated coat of arms contains in 2 and 3 a silvery band and a central small shield.

The last progeny of the Hausmann lineage, three sisters, inherit Dornach in 1980 and after years of commitment and dedication they complete the restoration of the estate.

Today it is us, the heirs of the families von Hausmann and von Gelmini, to take care of the estate and of the vineyards.

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